Are you ready to THRIVE?

You are not here to just survive.
You are built to thrive!  You can learn to thrive, regardless what has happened to you.

What if there was a “road map” to help you discover and build a thriving life?  What if there were some timeless principles that can serve as pointers on your journey to a thriving life?

The Thrive Principles is your roadmap.

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Watch Dr. Baucom Discuss What is Means to Thrive

Wave 3 1/15/2018

Dr. Baucom discusses exclusive webinar for how to get unstuck.

Good Morning Tulsa 12/12/2017

Dr. Baucom discusses what it means to thrive.

Great Day Live! 3/31/2017

Dr. Baucom introduces the world to The Thrive Principles.

Hear from the readers...

This book is the best “book about life” I have read; its content should be taught to everyone; it should be part of the curriculum for our children. Thriving is based on simple principles everybody can start to implement in his/her life right now, regardless of where you are in life. It’s a choice everybody can make any time. It does not require any prerequisites. If you are interested to not just survive but to thrive in your life, regardless of what life throws your way, that’s the book for you to read.”
“Anytime I can read a book from back to front and bounce around in the middle, I know the principles are solid and well communicated. Dr. Lee Baucom is an expert in his field, AND he’s mastered the art of communication — conveying content in an organized, easy to understand way. His “thriveology” premise is truly sophisticated, educated, and enlightened.
Finally a book about success that is practical as well as powerful!
I loved the sections about thriving vs surviving and H.A.L.T.
This has a lot to do with how you think but it’s not the usually “Just think positively” stuff that I see everywhere. In fact, after reading this I realized that how I feel is important, but it’s not the most critical thing to building success.”
Dr. Baucom masterfully demonstrates his thrive principles distilled from his decades of training, counseling, and coaching clients past survival to thriving. This book has key insights into living a purposeful life in the present while keeping focused on gratefulness in the process. His focus on caring for yourself without being selfish is a refreshing admonition to maintain healthy relational boundaries and your own physical health. I highly recommend it.”