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The author of The Thrive Principles, Dr. Lee H. Baucom, is the world’s first Thriveologist. For the last three decades, Dr. Baucom has researched how people thrive, teaching these methods to thousands of people throughout the world.

Trained as a pastoral counselor, Dr. Baucom eventually shifted to life coaching.  Discouraged by psychotherapy’s lack of emphasis on thriving, Dr. Baucom realized that people are designed to go beyond their stuck points.  As Dr. Baucom studied resilience and excellence, he noticed some core principles followed by thriving people.  Along the way, Dr. Baucom realized that these principles were learnable, so that anyone can create a thriving life.

Dr. Baucom’s Ph.D. is in the area of pastoral counseling, specializing both individual and family therapy.  Additionally, Dr. Baucom received training in community building from Scott Peck, trained in community and family mediation, and trained as a life coach with Coach U.

Challenging the norms of marital therapy, Dr. Baucom created a program to recover marriages on the edge of divorce.  Since 2000, his site, Save The Marriage, has provided guidance for over 75,000 people around the world who wanted to build a thriving marriage.  Dr. Baucom created a podcast, nearing two million listeners, about saving a marriage.  The Save The Marriage Podcast is currently available around the world.

After suffering a life-threatening illness in 2003, Dr. Baucom took a long assessment of his life and realized that while he was studying how people thrive, he was not thriving.  Dr. Baucom began applying the thriving principles to his life, and established his Thriveology website.  His Thrive Nation Podcast is available around the world, with listeners on every continent.

Additionally, Dr. Baucom has created two DVD’s on stress reduction, has authored two books on marriage, speaks at various events around the United States, and provides life coaching to individuals around the world.

Dr. Baucom is happily married and has two adult children.  He also has a faithful sidekick Labrador Retriever, Ziggy, at his side as he writes.

In his spare time, Dr. Baucom paddleboards, trail runs, and scuba dives.